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IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Mac Review

Data analysis requires a professional environment for the users to generate accurate results from statistical data. IBM SPSS Statistics v25 is a powerful application for any kind of statistical data analysis. With a neat and clean intuitive user interface, it is possible for the users to easily analyze the data. It has a built-in statistical modeling tool to generate statistical models as well as generate various reports and graphs. In-depth analysis generates accurate results with minimum efforts.

Features of IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Mac

  • Powerful Statistical data modeling tool
  • Analyze and solve the business and research problems
  • Built-in statistical modeler for visualizing the stats
  • Analyze and graph the datasets collection
  • Detailed analysis features with fixed results
  • Change different parameters for checking the variations
  • Simulation features with different outcomes
  • Case by case comparison of selected variables
  • Juxtaposing the meta description of documents
  • Fast chart building and different modeling tools
  • Visualizing the data with various models
  • A bundle of chart templates in the gallery
  • Statistics Viewer and much more

Technical Details of IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Mac

  • File Name: IBM_SPSS_Statistics_25_Full_MacOSX.rar
  • File Size: 716 MB
  • Developer: IBM Corporation

System Requirements for IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Mac

  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • 1 GB free HDD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Intel Processor

IBM SPSS Statistics 25 for Mac Free Download

Download IBM SPSS Statistics v25 latest version standalone offline setup for Mac OS X by clicking the below button. You may also like to download QSR NVIVO 11.

Free Mac Statistics Software

Let’s look at some of the best statistical software useful for your business or project.


One of the best software in the category for learning statistics, MaxStat comes fully packed with features at an affordable price. With the help of this software, you can create statistical analysis in three simple steps. Mw2 hack for mac. The best part is, it’s easy to use and is especially useful for students and business editors.


If you are into programming, there could be no alternative to the MATLAB software. It creates a programming environment for algorithm creation, data analysis, numerical calculation, and visualization. Ideal for math lovers, this special app helps you create tables, graphs, equations, and a wide set of other tools to help create and edit technical work easily.


Available on both Windows and other OS platform, AcaStat is one of the statistics software that’s super effective. It allows you to format variables like values, labels, and configure controls easily which is one of its exclusive features. Moreover, it allows you to import data from your spreadsheet files using the copy and paste tool. The best part is, AcaStat analyses data fast that helps you to design logistic details, OLS, and frequency tables.


SPSS software by IBM help you maximize the benefits of the data in your organization by helping you find new connections in the data and forecast what will possibly happen next. Its predictive analytics can unleash unanticipated patterns and relations and create models to take through front-line interaction.

jasp stats

jasp stats is based on Bayesian Filtering Library is not just an open source C++ library for recurrent Bayesian estimation, but also is a part of the orocos project. This program was originally written by Klaas Gadeyene and now taken care of by Tinne De Laet. The program runs on all the major platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft. Among some its features are kamen filtering, moisture filters, grid based systems, particle filters, and sequential Monte Carlo methods.


ADamSoft is a free and open source software that’s based on Java and so, can run on any system supporting Java software. It can carry out a large variety of analytical techniques such as data mining, record linkage methods, cluster analysis, graphs, logistic and liner regression, and so on. Bonus — this software can also read and write statistical data values from various different sources like Oracle, ODBC data sources, text files, MySQL, excel spreadsheets, and Postgresql.


Satwing is the perfect tool for those with instant requirement to perform statistical analysis. Download free wifi password hacker. It comes with a simple interface with e qually simple instructions that makes it a breeze for you to generate data. The software helps the users to conveniently select the framework for analysis that offers a high degree of confidence to the statistical outputs. As a bonus, you also get access to basic charting like bar charts and histogram that can be sent over to spreadsheets.

Minitab 18

Thousands of companies and institutions across the world have been using Minitab since it’s launch. It comes with a lot of tools and features that are designed to meet different statistical patterns and analysis. This software helps you with mathematical techniques like confidence intervals to analyse the mean or median off your data.


Stata is a complete statistical software package that offers all that you require to carry out data analysis, graphics, and data management. All you need is a PC with enough memory, and the software can accept huge quantities of data and generate graphs very quick.


Statistix is an intuitive statistical software and easy to use as well. What’s good about it is that it’s comprehensive, yet not too over the top. Moreover, it comes with basic and advanced statistics in one affordable package. The program offers some strong manipulation tools, support for import/export of Excel data and text files, linear models, non-linear regression, and so on.

SAS Business Intelligence

Buy Spss For Mac

SAS Business Intelligence offers the correct insights to those who need it. It helps you integrate and find data on your own, prepare and share interactive reports, raise your eagerness with simple analytics, and track key measures so that when something goes wrong, you would know how to go about it.

Intrinsic Noise Analyser

If you are looking for an open source software, Intrinsic Noise Analyser can be your best bet. It’s designed especially for learning reaction kinetics in living cells and using this, it analyses mathematical models of intracellular reaction kinetics for instance, gene expression, regulatory networks, etc. The advantage of this software is that it can offer a better method to achieve the required statistics using system size expansion of the chemical master equation which is a better systematic approach for analytical approximation.

GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism has been the world’s top analysis and graphic solution software built especially for scientific research. It helps simplify statistics, interpret work accurately, and depict a story with the data. Among its advantages are its flexible formatting, several common statistical analyses, and best of all, it’s ease of use and to learn.

Online Spss Software

Price: $150/year/user


Mondrian is a regular use software for statistical data visualization that comes equipped with interactive data visualization instruments. Moreover, the software also offers a variety of interactions and queries as well because the plots in the software are entirely linked.


Analyse-it blends into Microsoft Excel to offer the compelling statistical analysis you are looking for from an expensive statistics package minus the cost or complications. From conventional statistical study with hypothetical testing, ANOVA & PCA, or model fitting to statistical process control, the software meets various customer needs through four editions. It’s an easy to use software that automatically starts as the Excel loads up, adding a new menu entry to the ribbon.


Pandasis a software library specially written for the Python priming language. It is used for manipulating and analysing data. It comes with data structures and operations that can be used to manipulate the time series and the numerical tables.


Offering over 100 different 2D and 3D graph types, Sigmaplot offers not just helps with simple 2D scatter plots, but also powerful contour plots like the exact technical graph variant you require for your critical research. It features some of the industry -oriented modules that include Curve Analysis Module, Electrophysiology, Ligand Binding Module, and Enzyme Kinetics.


Written in C++ language, Shogun is a free and open source toolbox that provides a number of algorithms and data structure to assist with machine learning problems. The software is licensed under General Public License, GNU and focuses on kernel machines like support vector machines to classify problems and regression. Additionally, the software also provides full application of Hidden Markov models as well.


Whatagraph is a statistical software that generates visual reports to help you understand and monitor the data behind performance of your digital campaigns, your website, and of your ecommerce portal. It allows you to setup automatic report delivery to your chosen email recipients, ensuring that everyone is updated with the latest data.


As a business owner, you can seamlessly connect your cloud services and start bringing the data-based insights to light with immediate effect using DataHero. The program offers data visualization and data dashboarding especially for the business needs. It comes with an intuitive design and compelling features to allow the business stakeholders to divulge insights within their data and convey this to their team.



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